about us

about us

Zemela group’s founding board consists of experts in the fields of science, technology, academia and health care, to ensure the creation of improved and revolutionary solutions for the global cannabis industry. Our company’s goal is to Improve the quality of crop cultivation, extraction and manufacturing of plant based pharmaceutical products through the development of efficient and bio-friendly technologies . Over the past 10 years our experts have been gathering knowlege and experience trough the cooperation with companies, institutes and universities based in the Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, and USA.


Innovative Technologies

Extraction Technology

Designed for Cannabis producers and Industrial Hemp Farmers holding a large volume of biomass.
Processing biomass into clean and pure product at client’s desired location.
Certified equipment.

We at Zemela Group are aware of the common mistakes and have expanded countless hours to figure out tailor made alternatives counteract the industry’s shortcomings. We know that the extraction of cannabis is complicate and (clean) procedure in order to achieve the creation of a high quality product. Inefficient equipment, high costs of manufacturing, and working personnel costs, bringing an insufficient return compared to the required, large scale investment. This is why we invented innovative extraction technology. It's a closed loop system, which allows us to extract directly from cannabis/hemp biomass followed by separation of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids in purified fractions. Our Extraction technology is integrated in mobile module and becomes world’s largest Mobile Extractor.

Greenhouse Technology

Highly efficient Hybrid Greenhouse Facility for the production of superior-quality cannabis.
Automated cultivation systems to reduce labour costs and facilitates GAP sertification.
Optimised yields as a result of precision environmental controls.
Designed in accordance of European GMP standards.
Sustainable production costs, which help achieve costs of well below €1 per gram.

Our projects are developed by engineers, scientist, cannabis crop specialists, and business managers to ensure the delivery of quality and safe medical cannabis products globally. Leading-edge technologies are integrated into every aspect of the facility’s designs and functionalities.

We help you define the best technical solutions for your project, based on your requirements, crops and geographical location. We use multiple proven methodologies for system design, light planning, hvac loads and needs, energy balances and consumptions for greenhouses or fully indoor systems.



Extraction services

We offer mobile extraction services processing, with a daily extraction capacity of 10 tonnes cannabis/hemp.

Our experienced team of chemists, extraction technologists, pharmacists will handle the process in accordance with the highest industrywide standards.

We can derive from your biomass:


Cannabis Essential Oils primarily consists of mono-terpenes, sesquiterpenes and other terpenoid compounds.

They are widely used as a scent in the fragrance and cosmetics industries, while also being heavily present in food and beverage flavourings.


Distillates are one of the most potent and pure types of concentrates that exist.

Our products contains full spectre of major and minor phytocannabinoids.


Our isolates are crystalline solids or powder that contain cannabinoids in their purest form.

We offer the isolation of major contained cannabinoids THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, out of your cannabis/hemp variety.

Cannabis consulting

Zemela Group provides solutions to increase the efficiency and quality of the production process and the product itself, while reducing operational costs of your business.

Our team has professional horticultural and engineering, experience.

WE will help you to build the ultimate grow facilitates.

Range of services:

Facility design

Our team posses the ability to design facilities in accordance with GMP certification requirements.

We will show you proper solutions based on sience and technology.

Our understanding of the industry helps ensure your facility maintains all -necessary space to properly operate while maximizing the functional flow of operations.

Cultivation/Crop management

Every cannabis operation faces unique challenges - from indoor growing systems to outdoor grows. Your region, climate, goals, and individual strains are all taken into account when we create your tailor-made cannabis cultivation plan.

Processing, drying and storage

Poorly executed drying processes can destroy even the best flower.

Improper storage can lower the quality, break down the active compounds or becomes great environment for growth of mold.

Education in the production of Cannabis

You will garner experience from working closely with experits in the industry. Including horticulturalists, scientists, marketing specialists, quality assurance professionals and regulatory compliance experts.






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